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    Fhm Ladies Confessions 2013 Pdf

    FHM Special - The Girls of FHM - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. FHM Philippines - Ladies Confession Volume nonritemawed.cf Uploaded. Documents Similar To FHM Philippines - Ladies Confession Volume nonritemawed.cf Girls of FHM Philippines. Lingerie Special Uploaded by. chieflittlehorse. How I (F-early 30s) achieved orgasm through masturbation and now consistently cum stroking myself (for women who want to orgasm for the.

    We were talking just outside the gate, where there was not much light. He became so aroused that he decided we should do a quickie right then and there, inside the trike! I was wearing a skirt then, so it was easy for him to hoist my hips to his and slip his shaft in. He pounded me hard, once in a while stopping whenever a car would pass by. I doubt if the tricycle was a good enough cover for us but it was a great nookie. I was bitin because of all the abrupt pauses though, but hey fucking on a tricycle? That should be an original. Before he went to the States he was all ugly and nerdy but living abroad changed him a lot—when I saw him he looked amazing. Yup, I did it with my cousin. It happened one night before he was to go back to the States. Since I was the one who served as his guide during his stay we had become inseparable.

    It was a long-distance relationship and he would often make lambing to me to come visit him in his assignment sometime soon. On one occasion, he was able to convince me to go—besides, I really missed him then—so I went. When I got there, he gave me a tour of the naval ship because it was my first time to see a real one.

    When we got to the ship deck, we started mimicking Jack and Rose in that famous Titanic scene and making a fool out of ourselves. Then he started to hug me from behind and started kissing my nape. He then played with my breasts with one hand while the other lifted my skirt, his fingers finding its way inside my undies. That made me really wet and horny so I begged him to do me right then and there. He unzipped his uniform while I slid my undies down to my knees.

    He entered me from behind and started doing me like crazy. However, before we came, we suddenly heard someone calling for him so we stopped and fixed ourselves hurriedly and went back inside the ship. I was so pissed that I got so bitin. Done making small talk with a crewmate, he led me inside his cabin and continued where we left off.

    I knew she had an idea of what I wanted to happen. So off we went to my house and drank shots of brandy. We soon lost control—I undressed her in our living room and kissed her breasts. We were caught in the act, both totally naked!

    My husband was initially speechless, but next thing I knew he began to take off his clothes. I feared that he might do something violent, but none of that happened.

    I went to a hospital to have a cyst removed from my left breast for fear it might be malignant. My boyfriend agreed to accompany me since no one in my family could make it, so we were there for the whole three days of it.

    After my operation, my boyfriend slept beside me since they had really big beds. Perhaps being beside me having nothing but the hospital gown on made him feel hot and horny in no time. I could feel his instant erection and was really turned on, forgetting the fact I just had been operated. He entered me spoon position, cupped my other breast, and humped away all the while trying to keep quiet. He came inside of me, which made my pussy all mopped up.

    And did I mention there were people in the other side of the room with only a curtain between us, with the room being semi private? Couple does cyberspace super-poking. My husband has recently left to work abroad. He has always been sexually active, which I love, and so because of the distance we have had to resort to cyber sex to release some sexual tension.

    He used to love me doing that just before I go down on him. He has a fetish of fucking me on a miniskirt so I wore a short babydoll dress—and I bended over to give him a peek of my bum wearing a thong, then faced the camera caressing my big breast. I gently stroked my nipples as he moved his camera to show me his hard erection. This got me going to do some sexy dancing, showing him my sexy curves and tossing with my long hair as I watched him move his hand up and down his erection on the screen.

    He then told me to take my knickers off and sit on a chair fingering myself, with one of my legs up in the air, then later asked me to take everything off and bend over as if he was fucking me from behind. He told me he remembered me sitting on him on that very chair with my breasts on his face.

    It was all so horny that I got very wet! I came with satisfaction as I watched his cock spitting white all over his hands! Oh captain, my captain! After our first competition, we ended up as the champions after 11 years.

    The team celebrated and we all went to the shower to get chlorine off our bodies. So we took turns changing and as the only freshman, I had to go in last. He asked me to change with a teammate— our team captain, in fact—at the same time. When we were inside, my teammate said that I really looked sexy in my swimsuit, so I returned the compliment.

    While we were changing clothes, my teammate asked me to touch her bare breasts to compare it with mine. I did it with my eyes closed. I felt kind of weird because mine was nothing compared to hers!

    But I heard her suddenly moan. When I tried to peek, she suddenly kissed me. She then pressed her body onto mine and started to take my suit off. Papa does preach! I can still remember how my boyfriend and I celebrated our first monthsary. He told me to text him when my dad leaves the house. When my dad went to hospital I texted him to come over the house.

    As soon as he entered my room, he grabbed me and started kissing me. I liked the way he made love to me. I pushed him to my bed and unzipped his pants. I gave him a blowjob because he likes it, especially when I swallow that sticky white substance that comes out of his manhood. Suddenly I heard a tricycle stop in front of our house. It was my dad! My dad had a hunch so he went to my room and looked underneath my bed. My dad just warned me against Akyat Bahay then left.

    Naturally my boyfriend and I went back to session. The power of three! For my internship program, I chose to stay in a boarding house. There I met and made friends with two boarders: Rhoda and Charmie.

    Late one night, Charmie came to my room and invited me to join her and Rhoda for a couple of drinks. After a few bottles, the three of us were already drunk. They began to dance and, to my surprise, they slowly stripped their clothes off. Charmie had her hands run up and down her thighs, while Rhoda dipped low, her thighs opening and revealing her pussy.

    All this time I felt uncomfortable watching the scene. I stood up and was about to leave when both girls quickly grabbed my arms to stop me. I found myself sandwiched between the two of them. In between some affectionate touching and passionate kissing, they took my clothes off, leaving me naked. They led me to their bed and told me to lie down. They spread my legs wide. Charmie lowered her head between my thighs. She flickered her tongue on my pussy, then sliding from clit to my asshole.

    Rhoda began to work her tongue around my breasts, kissing and sucking on them. I closed my eyes and began to moan. Minutes later they switched places. Rhoda inserted two of her fingers in my pussy and began fingering me until I reached orgasm.

    After we finished, I lay panting and recovering my breath. The girls gave me a naughty smile, as they gave my pussy a goodnight kiss. Kinky Love. I have the coolest and weirdest boyfriend. One time he asked if I wanted to try having sex with another guy, but on one condition: I would let him watch. I agreed and picked one of my suitors—the guy who always asked if we could have one-night-stand whenever we had a conversation.

    The lucky guy picked me up at our meeting place, and after taking me to dinner, we went to his car. Inside he asked if I could give him a kiss, so I kissed him. Without saying a thing he touched my breasts. He unzipped his pants and pulled my head towards his cock. He agreed that we do it in my place, and there we went.

    After I closed the door, he grabbed and kissed me, his hands sliding all over me. The thrill made me soaking wet. We went to my room; there he made me sit on the edge of the bed. He pulled my panties but left my skirt on. He began to eat me under my skirt. That was one an hell of experience! In return I gave him a great head while he was finger-fucking me. Banging sex ensued—I used everything I learned from my boyfriend on him. It was one of my greatest sex encounters!

    Triple Ex. My ex-boyfriend Vince and I became good friends after our breakup. He got married while I went to Manila to work.

    I maintained a good relation with him and to Anne, his wife, as a close friend. Last summer, I went to Cebu for a vacation. They invited me to stay in their house even just for a week, and I accepted their offer. One night, after hearing some strange noises coming from their room, I rose up and slowly made my way there. I took a peek inside and knew I was right—my ex and his wife were having sex! Taken aback, I began to stroke my own pussy while watching the couple.

    At that moment I felt an urge to have a cock inside me. I took off all my clothes and quietly entered their room. Both of them were surprised to see me naked as I entered. But I answered their questioning expressions as I lay down beside Anne and started kissing her. Vince smiled as he got a cue that I wanted to join in.

    Vince pulled his cock out from her pussy. I lowered myself and positioned myself between her spreading legs. I began to lick and finger her. Vince then plunged his cock into my pussy, fucking me doggy style. It was so good to feel that familiar cock once again. I later licked it all up from her. Chicken Run! I am a lesbian and a punk. Last summer, I went to my aunt in the province for a vacation. One day I accompanied her to the chicken house to gather some eggs to be sold.

    No one was around inside the poultry house, save the chickens and us. A crazy idea entered my freaking mind. I took my iPod out and showed Mariana some music videos that I downloaded. She was enjoying herself when I suddenly opened a video showing two lesbians fucking each other. She never complained and continued to watch the video.

    But she became quiet and her face turned red. After the video I gave her a naughty smile and asked her: I dared myself to see how far and how hot this provinciana would go. I started kissing her lips. I cupped her breasts, fondled them. She just stood there but I could tell she was nervous. I whispered in her ears: She closed her eyes, bit her lips and held on to me. I let her sit down on a bamboo bench and spread her legs.

    I observed she was very wet and waiting to be licked, so I began to do so. She reached her first orgasm, and I smiled as it entered my mind that I just ate the best chick in the province.

    Waiter gets best tip ever! Out on a blind date with a nice but otherwise kind of conservative guy, I happened to notice that one of the waiters at the restaurant was so pogi and incredibly hot looking.

    He bumped me slightly and smiled. I just kept my composure, went back to my table and spent the rest of dinner making eyes at him. After a couple of sangrias, I excused myself again from my date to go to the bathroom. It was so thrilling! He kissed me torridly while slowly removing my T-back. We did it right then and there. I went home alone that night, but boy, was I happy!

    One day my boyfriend visited me at my office I have my own room. I decided to take a peek at what my parents were doing before my man and I would get wild. I saw both of the them were busy. As I went back inside my room, I hurriedly locked the door. I only had my jeans and undies pulled down to my mid thigh, while he conveniently unbuttoned his pants.

    I sat on the sofa with my knees bent toward my chest as he knelt in front of me and pumped hungrily. I fell on the floor. My boyfriend suddenly shifted from kneeling to squatting in front of me. My guy and I wanted to disappear right then and there! Lesson learned? Always double-lock the door! Prison break! My boyfriend is battling a legal case and is currently detained at a city jail just a few minutes away from my home. Whenever we feel the urge to do the deed, we spend our intimate moments at a small room that we rent for a certain amount and period.

    During visiting hours, inmates within that cell would be busy elsewhere doing errands for the guards, leaving the cell all to ourselves. But one day, we heard somebody walking to the cell while he was banging me hard.

    He was forced to immediately pull up his pants, got out of the room and pretended to be getting me some water while I stayed inside. We get such fun-thrilled sex every time without the fee!

    Happy birthday suit! We bought a variety of drinks and got drank in the living room. By 4AM, we were sloshed and in heat, so we went to his room. We made passionate love over and over again until the morning. It felt good—the whole time I was screaming so loud, confident that nobody would hear us. At 10 in the morning, I reached for the fridge to get some water, naked. I dropped the glass of water I was holding and ran back to the room.

    I told my guy what happened. Turns out, he forgot to tell me that his brother in law would be coming that morning from work. He then started to laugh, and all I could do was hit him with a pillow. What a shame! Driver takes dodgy maneuver. I got pretty wasted at a drinking session with some schoolmates. Finally, we pulled up in front of my house. When I heard him open the backdoor and felt his hands reach under me to carry me into the house, I surprised him by pulling him down on top of me and kissing him torridly.

    Next thing I knew, his hands were everywhere, and he was lifting my skirt up, pulling my panties to the side. We did it in the car, hard and fast. And then I fell asleep.

    When I was conscious again, he was laying me down on my bed. I pulled him close to me and we went for another round of frenzied lovemaking. I was still dressed in the outfit I wore the night before and had a pounding hangover.

    I went downstairs to get something for my headache, changed clothes, and went back to sleep. I woke up past lunchtime. It was only then that I had the time to check my phone— with several missed calls and a dozen messages. What I read made my blood run cold. From my boyfriend, the message said: I asked our driver, Mang Jojo, to drop you off at your house na lang. The boss on top!

    He started asking me if something had already happened between me and my boss—a Chinese businessman in his 50s—during my first weeks of working for him. To his dismay, the answer was no. But on my fifth month on the job, things started to sizzle. Yes, we had sex. Once a week for two months he would take me to an expensive hotel and screw my brains out, which pretty much covered my eight-hour shift. My boss was able to succeed where my husband keeps failing—in making me come during intercourse, since my hubby always finishes up first and can only make me reach orgasm through hot tongue action.

    Ladies' Confessions

    Camp buddies start fire. My call center colleagues Abby, Frank and I have been the closest of friends ever since the first day of training. We were all singles and did everything together. One time, our company held an overnight outing at Mt. Makulot in Batangas, where the three of us shared a tent. The session started with the usual jokes and conversations until we started to speak of past relationships, experiences and fantasies.

    The erotic topics made me suggest jokingly that Abby and I french-kiss for fun, and lucky for me, she was game. As we kissed I started to feel so horny that I found my hand inside her shirt, fondling her breasts until she started to fondle mine.

    Since Abby and I were now in total heat, we just looked at each other, smiled and proceeded to crawl toward Frank. I began to kiss his neck while Abby unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob. I was later down there joining her while Frank fingered the both of us. We did everything slow, hence our little fiasco lasting three hours. This was the only time the three of us did anything sexual together. Four on the floor! On our second wedding anniversary, my husband and I were enjoying ourselves on the beach when a couple approached us.

    They introduced themselves as Jenahlyn and Dan. They invited us to play volleyball, after which they invited us to their private cottage for a few drinks. There we settled ourselves and Dan opened a few bottles of beer. Soon the four of us were pretty much drunk. Dan suggested that we try a little game.

    He suggested that Jenahlyn sit beside Vincent and me, beside him. My husband and I were surprised, but Jenahlyn stood up and sat beside my husband. So as not to embarrass the couple, I stood up and sat beside Dan.

    He put his arm around me. I was surprised when I saw Jenahlyn kissing my husband. She pulled his cock out.

    FHM Philippines - Ladies' Confession Volume 6 » Download PDF magazines - Magazines Commumity!

    My husband, drunk, did not resist as Jenahlyn lowered herself to give him a blowjob. At that moment I was starting to feel jealous when Dan held me closer. He started kissing me and began to fondle my breasts. I felt horny, reached for his zippers and pulled out his cock.

    I lowered myself and sucked it.

    Minutes later, the four of us were naked. I ended being fucked by Dan while my husband fucked Jenahlyn. Dan shot his sperm inside me as I reached orgasm.

    I heard Jen scream as Vincent shot his load at her pussy. She cleaned my pussy while our husbands jacked off while watching us. After that, we bid the couple a good night, thanking them for our first foursome.

    We got so drunk that we decided to go home because it was late noon. His friend was not home, so we had no choice but to pee at the old house beside theirs. The house was abandoned and full of dirt so we decided to make out on the stairs. This was not a good idea. The stairway was filled with pebbles that it was hard to lean on it, but we still continued making love. We moved up the stairs, but in the middle of our orgasm, his best friend came.

    But lucky us, his good friend walked away. Later on, I noticed that we had bruises on our elbows and knees. We were really dirty, too. Man for a night! I used to have a crush on this gay friend of mine.

    One time, I slept over at his house since I lived in the province and still had a lot of things to do in the city. So we were in his room, on the bed, talking, when I felt irresistibly horny. By the time he finished talking and told me to sleep, I started to kiss him deeply. He got shocked, his eyes gaped wide and, in a short while, he went beyond kissing. He got on top of me, took off my clothes and licked my nipples. I felt his rock-hard tool inside me and we banged like crazy.

    We went for five rounds of satisfaction. This had me thinking he could be a man after that night, but I was wrong. The next day, when we woke up, none of us could say a word or look each other in the eyes.

    After watching a movie, my boyfriend and I were in his car at the parking lot. As he started the engine, we looked at each other and, without saying a word, he leaned over to kiss me. He slipped his hand inside my skirt and finger-fucked me. I straddled him and unzipped his pants to grasp his cock. Then someone knocked. It was the nightshift security guard!

    Lights flashed from his flashlight and from his camera phone.

    Fhm Philippines Ladies Confessions 2007 PDF

    He was already taking pictures of us! We hurriedly dressed up and talked to him. He then jokingly replied. To cut things short, we were able to bribe him. We scrammed and forgot to ask him to delete our pictures in his camera phone. I can still remember what was written on his nameplate. Roommates feel each other. It had been a year since I had my first girl-to-girl experience when my bisexual nature was reawakened.

    I thought my previous experience would be the last until I started bed-spacing in an exclusive dormitory for girls in Makati, where one of my roommates instantly caught my eye. One night, she invited me to drink in our room. In between drinks, she revealed that she had a three-year relationship with a lesbian. After downing a bottle of brandy, I was feeling light- headed so I asked if I could just rest my head on her pillow.

    I was half-asleep when I felt hands removing my pants. I stirred and saw her on top of me. She kept on calling my name while I licked and sucked her pussy, until she came.

    It was near dawn when we decided to get some sleep. It was not our last session but a complex twist of events made her decide to move out of our dorm. One time, my would-be mother-in-law asked us to accompany her to the grocery. I knew it would make our quality time shorter, but then I found a way to make it more exciting.

    I grabbed the shopping cart to impress mommy. Then I joined her in picking liquor for daddy. But then I got tired of pushing the cart so I asked my boyfriend to assist me.

    By going behind me while I was pushing the cart. While he was at my back, I pretended that I dropped something so I had to pick it up and feel his thing. And if his mom was about three rows away from us, I sometimes stole a three-second kiss from my boyfriend. Soon I felt his tool was becoming very hard. I never regret that day because it was when I found a new way to excite my boyfriend.

    So much that we did three rounds before he drove me home. Happy weekend! So we made rules: On the way to the hotel we told him the rules. As soon as we got inside the room, my guy kissed me then turned me around to face Rocky. Rocky massaged by breasts while my guy undressed me from behind.

    He pushed me lightly and entered me doggy style. We decided to continue the rest in bed. I got down on all fours and he knelt behind me. While he pumped me fast and hard, I moaned loud to tease him. We both came. I could feel my wet pussy tighten. It was warm. I looked at him and he looked at me and we both smiled. I moved closer to him and began kissing him, softly at first, and then more urgently. Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit.

    We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I am going to be a bit vague on where we went because he is a redditor and this is my throwaway. His father was being sent from work to a European country and they let him take the family with him. They invited me to join them, all expenses paid aside from airfare.

    Later that day the mom and I took a spinning class together. I ride my bike sometimes, although not very often, but I still figured I would be in good enough shape to keep up. I kept up, but by the next morning my muscles were killing me, especially my thighs and not to mention my buttocks from the hard chair. Skip to main content.

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